International Education

Educational Program for foreigners on traditional Korean medicine
We provide Educational Program for foreign students or clinicians on traditional Korean medicine. The School of Korean Medicine, PNU has the best faculties and facilities in traditional Korean medicine, and you would have access to these prestige circumstances when enrolled.
This program provides the best opportunity to learn about Korean medicine and culture. It has amazing reputations that 91.7% of participants recognized this program as "excellent". 

All the lectures are provided with Korean and English, and other languages are provided with fee-based request. You would get certificate from School of Korean Medicine, PNU for your participation in this unique program.

The subjects included are as follows, and can be modified with request. They are consist of lecture and practice if needed.
1. Korean society, culture and medicine
2. Sasang Typology
3. Traditional Korean acupuncture and moxibustion
4. traditional Korean medical herbs (Ginseng and others)
5. Medical apparatus for traditional medicine
6. Modernization of traditional Korean medicine
7. Clinical observation in selected specialties
8. Field trip on selected sites
9. Other selected programs by acting director

If you want to receive any information on these please let us know. For this request, you are suggested to prepare the detailed information on participants, length of stay, budget, main goals and others.

2. Click here if you want to watch a media report on field trip (2011)