The TKM-1000 (Traditional Korean Medicine 1000) is a collection of prerequisite/mandatory Chinese characters for the education of traditional Korean medicine that was developed with the collective collaboration of many professors from Physiology, Pathology, Medical Classics, Medical History, Meridian and Acupuncture, Herbology, Clinical Medicine and Education of traditional medicine.
It covers 99% of Chinese characters used in the official textbooks which is currently used in Korea.

Recently, a practice book was published. You can order from the PNU Press. This book is perfect for learning and practicing the Chinese characters for traditional medicine. 

For the efficient education of this prerequisite Chinese characters, following smart phone or tablet applications were made with the support of PNU Dongje medical. It is absolutely FREE and no ad is included.

The screen shots of the apps are as follows;

* The TKM-1000 is protected by the Intellectual Property Law in Korea. So if you want to use, you should contact us in advance. 

1. As for the Android smart phone or tablet, you can download from Here.
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